6 Steps to Spirituality in 6 Minutes 

An easy peasy guide to follow on how you can get your daily dose of spirituality, connect, develop in as little as 6 mins!

Grab this guide if...


You are tired of feeling like you always have bad days.


You are fed up of your busy life stopping you from exploring and connecting.


You want to know more about spirituality and don't know how or where to start.


You want to start your day in the best way possible and in the quickest way possible!


You need some easy help and guidance.




By using this guide you will:


Get your mind in the right frame before you even leave the house, allowing you to have the best possible day.


Get you connecting effectively every day, so you know you are supported and ready to receive your divine guidance!


Give you some practical exercises so you can start engaging your life towards more spiritual practices that will support and enlighten you.


Give you the quickest route to incorporate your favourite spiritual things so you don't feel like you are always sacrificing your needs anymore.


Provide you with easy instructions on what, when and how to do these exercises.



I know how frustrating it is to be continuously trying to spin plates. We live in a very demanding lifestyle with one thing or another rocketing us forward to the end of the day.

I also know how very important it was that I was making time for meditation and developing my interest in spirituality, as when I did, it put me in an amazing mindset for the rest of the day. I felt more in control, more capable and generally much happier.  

I also found that by concious intention to doing these exercises, my intuition grew exponentially.

I then created my own routine as I was fed up of missing my favourite parts out each day. 

This free guide is my own personal routine that I practice each morning to help me frame and set up my mind and day how I want it to be. It also helps to initiate my intuition on a daily basis. 

I wanted to share this with everyone who needed some help in nailing the first few steps into their routine in the morning to show just how quickly you can incorporate your favourite things all in a matter of minutes so you can win the day!

I free people from the burdens of life so they feel awakened, alive and aligned.

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