I T 'S   T I M E   T O

A  W  A  K  E  N

Awaken your unique inner knowing and step into a life of

balance, peace, love and wonder.

Are parts of your life out of balance and do you feel like everything is always an uphill struggle?


Are you fed up of searching Google for hours for hundreds of different ways to 'self-help'?


Are you waiting for the moment when you start to feel connected, in all aspects of your life?


You know there is something more to life, more than just this, but don't know who to ask or where to start?


Have you seen and felt the benefit of a more holistic approach to your life and want to learn more?


Are you ready to get to work and invest in yourself, but worry about committing due to your busy lifestyle?


Would you like to discover and learn some amazing skills that you can use for the rest of your life to help you make decisions, feel calmer, loved and more in control?


Better yet, are you ready to awaken the magical essence that lies inside? The essence of you that is waiting for the moment you say yes and surrender?





Join me and step into your very own online portal where you can discover, practice and learn some incredible ways to help, support and guide you on your own unique journey of wellbeing. Not only this, but really awakening you to understand just what lies inside and what you are truly capable of!


It's time to awaken that spark within so that you know you are divinely supported and guided in everything that you do.


You are never alone.


This clear and easy to understand 7 week course is designed for beginners and people returning to a more holistic and spiritual way of life, who may have lost their way and are being called back to discover.


Each week covers a specific module...



Module 1



Module 2



Module 3



Module 4



Module 5 



Module 6 

Spritual Support


Module 7 

Spiritual Tools


Plus many, many, extras to help you along your path!



  • Working with Me!

    I will be personally guiding you through 7 modules. Within this course are work books, videos, advice, guidance, exercises, meditations, cheat sheets and so much more for you to use and learn.

    Each module has been designed for you to spend time practicing what you have learned. This provides you with your own completely unique journey and something truly special that you will look back on and treasure.

    You will be learning so much about yourself, having many 'lightbulb' and 'aha' moments, connecting the dots and understading so much more.

    This course is relaxed, warm and inviting. This is how I work and who I am. 

  • Working at your own pace.

    Once you have your log in details, you can return at any time and pick up where you left off. I wanted to create a space that was really sympathetic and understanding to our modern and busy lifestyles. If life gets busy, you can come back to it whenever you are ready. Expect to see a friendly face there to help and guide you when you return.

  • Discovery

    This course will be expanding your mind, physical body, emotional body and spiritual body. No matter your background, religious views or way of life, this course encourages and supports you in discovering what lies within you, what you are capable of and just how much support you have, but may not realise.


About Me!

Intuitive Energy Coach,

Spiritual Life Coach & Sub-Educator


I am a very happy, grateful wife & mum of two, residing in the beautiful South of England. I began my spiritual appreciation from a young age growing up with my Dad, who is a platform medium. I have always been in the environment of spirituality and, by default, absorbed much of my Dad’s work and teachings. I have always known that there would be a calling for me when the time was right and that I was going to be helping people in the future, how... I had no idea, but I felt that I would 'know' when the time was right. The time certainly came and an

awakening happened FAST!

I now help others using energy from divine source to transform emotional, physical, energetic, genetic and historic issues, with a pinch of love and a sprinkling of fun along the way.

What I absolutely love about my work, is that there are no limits. Everything can be investigated and transformed as we are all energy. I am continually learning and evolving, as is my work, person by person and case by case. I love the connection with others and am most definitely a people person! Helping, healing, supporting, soothing, transforming and laughing with clients fulfils every part of my being. Watching people grow and evolve is so incredibly special and I am honoured to be able to do this work. I am now a sub-educator in two of the life-changing modalities I use as I have seen so many phenomenal shifts from clients. I was compelled to train others in these ground-breaking new modalities and to be a part of a larger ripple effect. Awakening and aligning people into their passion and purpose with love and light. If you would like to see the other services and packages I offer, do visit my website by clicking the button below.



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